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Colin Muller’s two-page spread in Land & Business

A double-page feature that focuses on advice from Colin Muller has appeared in the September edition of the CLA’s magazine, Land & Business. Colin uses the feature to emphasise the importance of early action by farmers and landowners who are thinking about offering their land for housing or employment developments. Here’s a summary of the […]

Colin Muller is featured in the Property Special section of Farmers Guardian

An article featuring the views of Colin Muller was published in the August 23rd edition of Farmers Guardian. Colin had been invited by Business Reporter, Alex Black, to comment on how farmers and landowners can gain planning permission and realise the full potential of their land for the magazine’s summer Property Special. Here is a […]

Localism: a charter to prevent development?

Rebecca Muller, Land Manager In November 2011 the Localism Act was introduced in order to challenge the central government driven decision-making process and devolve power to local level government. In theory this was supposed to be a forward-thinking move that would help build and shape communities in a way that would benefit the people who […]

Meeting the needs of an ageing population

Jonothan Croft, Land Director In a previous article, we highlighted the pressing need for more suitable accommodation for the ever-increasing elderly population. So, what are the key solutions available for this group? Sheltered housing geared for the active person over 55, who wants to live independently but may need a bit more support from time […]

The Housing Delivery Test

The Housing Delivery Test: What is it and what does it mean for landowners? Colin Muller, Chief Executive Land and planning, particularly for housing, feels like it has enough measures, metrics and policies attached to it. From the NPPF to local planning policies, from 5 Year Housing Land Supply to Objectively Assessed Housing Need, there […]