112 Sydney Road, Crewe

Indicative site plan Muller

This is a small parcel of land adjacent to the Sydney Road Phase 1 land which was originally retained by one of the landowners of the Phase 1 site.

The site adjoins the northern eastern edge of Crewe, within the suburb of Sydney. Located approximately 1.5 km to the North East of Crewe Town Centre, the site is well served by local services and facilities which includes two primary and one secondary school; pubs, a railway station, supermarkets and a GP surgery.

Muller subsequently gained control of the land and submitted two planning applications:

Front parcel 0.2 hectares – Muller gained detailed planning consent for 4 dwellings via the Case Officer’s delegated powers in April 2019, retaining the existing dwelling and incorporating three additional new build dwellings.

The front 4 dwellings (existing dwellings and the three additional new build dwellings) are being marketed for sale via local estate agents.

Rear parcel 0.5 hectares – full planning permission has also been received in March 2020 via committee meeting for 21 dwellings on this parcel. An application has been approved to alter the permission to a fully affordable scheme.

The sale of the 21 unit scheme completed in April 2020.

Proposed Street Scene