comprare Viagra 25 mg online Colin Muller invests as much time and effort into getting planning for my land as I do farming it.

David Holdcroft,
Houndings Lane Farm, Sandbach, Cheshire

Promote Your Land

Looking to get planning permission on your land? Talk to Muller.

We are renowned experts in obtaining planning permission on greenfield land including agricultural, pasture and farm land and in realising the potential of derelict or under-performing sites and creating value for landowners and investors.

Helping landowners to maximise the value of their land.

side effects of viagra drug company The system of town planning which has emerged in the UK over the last 20 years, is an increasingly challenging environment in which to realise successful results. Muller enjoys an enviable reputation as land promoters. Success has been achieved through identifying land with future development potential, resolving site assembly, access, planning and technical issues in order to deliver land with development opportunity.

generic viagra drugs comparable to abilify Often on land considered too difficult or even impossible by others to obtain planning for development, the Group has produced significant results by achieving land allocations and planning approvals for employment, housing and community uses. As a strategic land company, Muller is constantly seeking new areas of land with potential for residential or commercial development and is efficient and skilled in the appraisal of greenfield opportunities, however ambitious or futuristic landowners believe their prospects may be.

meow drug ingredients viagra It directly manages its own strategic land promotion and representation work as part of the local and regional planning process, which is undertaken entirely at its own cost and risk. In-depth knowledge, expertise and long term partnerships enjoyed with industry professionals enables Muller to be recognised as a highly credible and reliable solution for realising the potential of land, through the securing of development land allocations, solving of technical issues and achievement of planning permissions.

female viagra buy online generic The Group continues to secure and promote an extensive portfolio of new areas of land, either by way of land option agreements with landowners, or in joint venture partnership, or through land promotion agreements.

Why Muller Property?

Muller works in partnership with landowners
Highly experienced management team
Specialist knowledge of town planning
Expert in land assembly
Proven track record of obtaining planning consent
History of permissions for complex and difficult sites
Muller works at its own cost and risk
Muller only gets paid when the land is sold
Unrivalled success rate
UK wide coverage

Houndings Park, Sandbach

Planning permission for 200 residential dwellings

drugs like viagra and cialis work by britney Sandbach is located within Cheshire, approximately 4km north east of Crewe. It is well located in terms of strategic transport links lying immediately to the west of the M6 (J17). The site measures approximately 9.2ha (22.7 acres) in total covering both sides of the A534 and adjoins the southern edge of Sandbach. Located to the south of Old Mill Road, the site is around 350m south from the town’s market square.