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About Us

A leading strategic land promotion company

Muller is a leading strategic land promotion company, led by a highly experienced management team who are skilled in identifying and sourcing land and development opportunities.

Muller Property Group has a proven track record in acquiring sites and obtaining planning permissions in all property sectors.

The Group is experienced and well equipped to identify, promote and realise a broad range of property opportunities, whilst creating and extracting best value through an entrepreneurial approach and attitude to each transaction.

The senior management team has worked together for over fifteen years and has hands on experience gained in public and private companies. It has a proven ability to identify development potential at an early stage of the planning process.

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Muller Property Group are renowned experts in agricultural land development and greenfield property development, creating value for owners and investors, working proactively and innovatively to enhance the value of land and produce a trading asset.

Working entirely at its own cost and risk, Muller has the skills and expertise to resolve sites in multiple land ownerships with complex planning issues and challenging technical problems.

The Group has a proven history of working constructively with land and development opportunities that are often considered too difficult by other builders, developers and land promotion companies.

The Muller land acquisition team is constantly seeking new sites and is able to assess the development prospects of land quickly. It can accurately forecast capacities, timescales and values for land owners and their agents or advisors, allowing informed and speedy decisions to be made.

In any dealings you have with Muller, it is guaranteed that such business will be handled confidentially, in a short timescale, with a response followed by a clear decision, and straight forward terms.

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