Experts in obtaining planning permission

Muller Property Group is a leading name in property development, project management, property investment and land assembly. We are experts in the planning and promotion of land for the creation of new areas of sustainable community and enterprise, and for long term development via the planning system.

The group has significant investment in multiple land assemblies across the UK and works in partnership with local authorities, statutory bodies, private landowners and end users to achieve site assembly and the design of a viable scheme that meets the aspirations of all stakeholders.

house builders

Combining the strengths of commercial and residential expertise

Muller Property Group has a current development programme and a diverse portfolio of investments covering a wide range of residential, mixed use, office, leisure, employment and retail property schemes.

We combine the strengths of our commercial and residential expertise to create attractive mixed-use developments within single buildings or as part of larger scheme. Sites are often located in the centre, or at the edges of towns where values and space are at a premium. Luxury apartments and townhouses, alongside shopping, leisure or working environments deliver vibrant mixed use schemes in central locations.

At Muller we know only too well the challenges the UK faces around the lack of housing supply for our younger generation, and in the provision for the ageing population. As experts in this field, we understand the long list of demands, from site assembly to ground investigations, and from public consultations to environmental assessments.

Creating vibrant communities

We ensure that land is used in an efficient and effective way in order to get the best possible outcome for all stakeholders, to cater for the needs of the local community, while at the same time ensuring that the surrounding environment and landscape are always considered.

As well as working collaboratively to deliver improved infrastructure for all, we are committed to growing towns and villages in a way that supports local economies, provides a wide range of housing options, and ultimately delivers better living conditions and thriving communities.



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