Land Owners

Support our nationwide mission to create vibrant communities. If you think your land might be suitable for land promotion we would love to hear from you.

We’re experts at getting planning permission for all land types. From undeveloped greenfield sites like farms and pastures to underused brownfield land, we have the experience to turn neglected areas into thriving communities. This creates significant value for landowners and investors.

Our main requirements

1-5 acres

Typically 1-5 acres of land but for large, long terms strategic sites, 5 acres and upwards

Population Density

A good population within close proximity to the site with good transport links

Local Amenities

Well-situated near residential areas and community resources

Green/Brown field

We also develop on large mixed use/regeneration sites

aerial shot of property

Types of sites we look for

Garden Centre / Nurseries

Car Showrooms

Single houses occupying large grounds

Existing office and business parks


Public Houses occupying large plots and car parks

Neighbourhood centre sites or part thereof

Former Care Homes

Out of Town retail sites on the edge of residential areas

General brownfield infill opportunities

Small farm buildings

Small sites with existing residential planning

97% Planning Success

Our extensive in-house planning expertise enables us to execute purchase decisions swiftly and efficiently.

We take away the burden

At Muller, we know only too well the challenges involved in land promotion.
Behind the scenes there’s an endless list of demands – from site assembly to ground investigations, from public consultations to environmental assessments. And then there’s the planning process.

Whatever your role in land promotion, we’ll provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve the best outcomes. We also offer a number of unrivalled financial incentives for those individuals acting on a landowner’s behalf.

If you think your land might be suitable for land promotion, get in touch for a no obligation chat about your land.

Latest Developments

Crawley, West Sussex

Planning approved for a new 64 bed care home on a 1.64 acre site in Crawley, West Sussex with associated landscaping, parking, access and private gardens.

Barons’ Cross, Leominster

Proposed 84 bed care home on a 1.64 acre brownfield site in Leominster with car parking, external landscaping and private gardens.

Stafford, Staffordshire

Planning approved for a new 75 bed care home in the market town of Stafford with associated highways infrastructure, parking and landscaping.

Being a landowner is something to be proud of

It’s also a real labour of love – as any landowner will tell you. More often than not it demands hard graft, gruelling hours and an exceptional level of commitment and dedication.

So when a landowner decides the time has come to sell or diversify their land, it can be an exciting time. The landowner may have future plans that include securing a sale price that fairly reflects the fruits of their labour.

But, selling land isn’t easy. And that’s where Muller Property Group can help.