Muller shares insider knowledge on assessing land development potential

In a recent article in Farmers Guardian magazine, Colin Muller, our chief executive at Muller Property Group, explained how landowners can assess the prospects for possible development of their land.

According to Colin, anyone wondering if their land could be ripe for development should start with the Council’s Local Plan. Most local policy tends to focus on what type of development the Council will resist as opposed to any encouragement of new development in a positive way.

Councils use ‘zones’ outside of settlements which restrict development, such as Green Belt. Colin explains that until the recent housing crisis, these zones have remained largely untouched over the past 30 years.

Colin advises that Local Plan review is the crucial time to get your land promoted to seek the most advantageous policy zoning and dispel the ‘kiss of death’ zoning that places a ‘no go’ for any type of development.

Councils have recently come up with even more zones preventing development like ‘green barrier, green wedge, green gap’. These extra layers of development prevention are very difficult to get rid of.

There’s only one chance every 15 to 20 years to try to get councils to change old plans or prevent them bringing in anti-development policy over your land. Tackling planning zoning on your land is just as important as farming your land, says Colin.

He recommends making contact with a strategic land promotion company if you are hoping to get planning permission on your land.