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We are renowned experts in obtaining planning permission on greenfield land including agricultural, pasture and farm land and in realising the potential of derelict or under-performing sites and creating value for landowners and investors

Muller Property is privately owned and, as such, we are agile, proactive and forward thinking. We also take a hands-on approach.

Our team is highly experienced and under the leadership of Colin Muller, offers a highly personalised service which delivers results for the landowners with whom we work. Muller Property has significant investment in a large number of land assemblies across the UK and is actively involved in the promotion of land for long term development via the planning system.

Success rate

Muller has a proven track record in obtaining planning consent, even on difficult and complex sites. In fact, 25 of our last 26 applications have been successful.

UK-wide coverage

Muller works across the entire country, identifying and promoting land and development opportunities anywhere in the UK.

We cover the costs

Muller shoulders all the risk involved, covering all the upfront costs of land promotion and only getting paid when the land’s sold.

A team of experts

Our highly experienced team is skilled in getting planning permission on farm land, also having specialist expertise in town planning and land assembly.

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